Allow our medical professionals help you avoid hiring that next workers compensation claim! We offer computerized functional capacity pre employment exams, post offer exams, and fit for duty assessments.

Our team will develop an ADA compliant assessment protocol designed for the specific job requirements. We will provide a written report of findings within 24 hours of exam

Our computerized testing equipment is state of the are. We utilize NIOSH lifting protocol and our recommendations are based on the AMA,s “Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment”.


When hiring a new employee, the ADA requires reasonable accommodation for qualified employees and applicants who are disabled. There are many considerations in the hiring process:

  • Does this person have any physical/medical conditions that would interfere with the jobs daily requirements?
  • Can this person complete the requirements as described in the job description?
  • Is there any drug or alcohol abuse?
  • If the person has a disability that falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act; What “reasonable accommodations” can be made to provide “equal employment opportunities”?
  • Are there job related physical or environmental exposures that would cause this person injury or illness?

Studies show post-offer evaluations reduce work-related injury and illness by as much as 30% in the first year. They also document a baseline physical capacity which can be a critical point of reference in the event of a injury. Implementing a Drug Free Workplace with required pre-employment testing is a deterrent for those with drug and alcohol issues.


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