DOT Physicals


Get great service and pricing with your next DOT physical. We offer same day appointments and onsite service for groups of 5 or more.

Dr Howard is a FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner and has certified more than 1000 drivers. We are a driver friendly office and our goal to keep you on the road.

Employers love DOT Exam and the electronic portal which gives direct access to scheduling driver certifications and more. It also allows drivers to fill out their medical history before the appointment. You don’t have to suffer through the 2 hour wait times at the urgent care, call DOT Exam today!



DOT physicals can be stressful. That is understandable which, is why we keep a relaxed atmosphere in the office. If you have concerns, stop in and talk to Dr. Howard the specific issue and how to manage it.

In most cases, the examiner has SOME flexibility. There are 4 areas which there is ZERO flexibility: vision, hearing, epilepsy and/or insulin use. Many conditions need clearance from your specialist.

DOT Exam in Groveland suggests drivers should not wait until the last minute to renew a DOT Physical. Too many times, we have seen a driver need additional documentation from their heart specialist who happens to be closed on Fridays or a potentially disqualifying medical issue is found during the physical. We suggest renewing a minimum of 3 weeks prior to medical certificate expiration.

Check out Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Hints. There is some great information which will help make the process much less stressful.


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